What do you get when you pack all of the features and functionality of a typical entry-level music phone into a tiny 75 x 44 x 18 mm package? Wait for it, wait for it… A very small entry-level music phone. Sony Ericsson introduced the world to its new Xmini handset for KDDI earlier today and it pretty much looks like something out of Zoolander. In a nutshell, the Xmini is a Walkman phone with a slider form factor and hidden touch sensitive buttons. It features what are essentially the same specs of a basic normal-sized music phone, and stuffs them into a tiny vetically-challenged package. Bluetooth, basic messaging functionality, wildly obnoxious ringtones – it’s all there. We don’t expect the Xmini to make its way over to the US any time soon but we can’t say we’ll be losing any sleep hoping it will.

[Via Unwired View]