David Kernell, the 20-year-old University of Tennessee student indicted for allegedly accessing Governer Palin’s email illegally, has been given a bit more time to enjoy fresh air before things potentially heat up. The son of Tennessee state Rep. Mike Kernell will not stand trial May 2009 when he is now scheduled to face one count of accessing a computer without authorization, a crime that carries up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. The reason for the delay according to a filing from the U.S. Attorney and the Department of Justice:

Because of the nature of this case, significant forensic evaluation is required [and] the parties agree that … an extension should be granted to allow counsel the reasonable time necessary for effective preparation.

Kernell and his lawyers are hardly upset by the judge’s decision to delay the trial of course, as it will give them plenty more time to attempt to have the case thrown out. Unlikely as it may seem, crazier things have happened. Barring some extraordinary legal eagling, the Kernall trial will begin on May 19, 2009.