As we get closer to the release of firmware version 2.2 for the iPhone which could drop as soon as next Friday, possible details of the impending iPhone tethering plan have just come out. While these details still have rumor status for sure, they certain sound feasible if not likely. It has been presumed that AT&T’s tethering plan would be introduced at the time 2.2 is released, so the timing of this info is just about right. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Monthly fee: additional $30
  • Data cap: 5GB (hard cap – tethering will supposedly be cut off once the 5 GB mark is reached)
  • Connect through iTunes, though this may only be required for the initial connection
  • Expected speeds: GPRS: ~30k / EDGE: ~110k / 3G: ~1000k

The 5 GB data cap, though lame, is right in line with current BlackBerry offerings so it certainly makes sense. The bad news is that this 5 GB cap might get trimmed down a bit for all smartphone tethering users. Hmm. Let’s hope that last bit was just some kind of miscue if AT&T has any hopes of swaying people from jailbroken alternatives. In fact, lowering the cap all around might just be enough incentive to push other smartphone users to seek out free and low cost tethering alternatives as well…