As we near the rumored release date for Apple’s laptop line refresh, a new set of spy shots has emerged. Presumably one of the products of Apple’s new “Brick” manufacturing process, the image above shows an aluminum keyboard panel reportedly belonging to Apple’s upcoming new line of MacBooks. Sure it could be a Photoshop job but if it does in fact end up being the real deal, it looks like we’re all in for some sexy new notebooks from the Cupertino crew. What’s more, additional rumors floating around the internet this morning place the starting price point for the new MacBook line at $800. This would be the first laptop Apple has ever sold new for less than $1,000. The rumor goes on to state that the refreshed laptops will range from $800 to $3,100 and will have more optional configurations than currently available. The MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will now combine for a total of 12 price points compared to the eight currently available (three MacBooks, two MacBook Airs and three MacBook Pros). Or could this mean we can expect an all new fourth model from Apple? Unfortunately that’s still an unknown, as is the reliability of the source. In fact it seems a bit odd that the source is supposedly in possession of an official Apple price list and yet he or she can’t tell us what models are on it. Hmm. Hopefully we’ll all find out the real deal straight from the horse’s mouth in less than a week.

[Via Macrumors]