When our ninjas dig, they dig deeeeep. One of our anonymous sleuths managed to uncover a relatively old slide from a Best Buy Mobile PowerPoint draft deck outlining a release schedule with quite a few gems on it. We’ve got all the top carriers covered here to some extent, so let’s have a look:

Coming October 26th:

  • Sprint – Samsung M540 “Rant”, available in black, purple and red
  • Sprint – HTC Touch Pro
  • Verizon – Blitz
  • AT&T – BlackBerry Bold 9000 (date obscured on image)
  • T-Mobile – BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Coming November 16th:

  • Verizon – BlackBerry Storm

Barring any major changes (or delays, as we’ll likely see at least with the Bold), Best Buy Mobile has quite a line up coming later this month.