Version 2.2 beta 1 of the iPhone OS was seeded to developers a while back but we haven’t learned much about it since then. Well, until now of course. We’ll likely have to wait for the release version before all of the features are revealed but a few neat little upgrades have been uncovered that are definitely worth mentioning. First and foremost, no, there is no support for copy / paste or MMS. Apple, if you need our help updating the iPhone OS to support these extremely advanced technologies, just ask. We’ll have it done in a week. Ok, enough about what’s not included in the 2.2 beta and on to what is included:

  • Support for Japanese emoji icons (try not to hurt yourself while jumping for joy)
  • Google Street View support within Google Maps
  • Ability to enable / disable auto-correction (!)

We’re not sure if the Google Street View support includes the very cool compass mode found in Android but our guess is going to be that it doesn’t. Well iPhone owners, you might not be able to copy a sentence and paste it somewhere else but at least you’ll soon be able to look at panoramic pictures of random points on a map and disable the horribly annoying auto-correct feature.