Back in May we showed you the first live images of the upcoming Palm Treo 850 and shortly after that we ran down the spec highlights. It looks like everything we showed you and reported is pretty spot on except for one thing: the name. Palm will apparently be dipping outside of its convention and slapping this sucker with a “Pro” moniker rather than the digit format we’re used to. Fair enough. As good as this handset looks, we’re sure the fellas over at Palm are eager to get it out to market. A bit too eager perhaps? Someone over at Palm jumped the gun yesterday and the Palm Treo Pro made its debut on the Palm website a little ahead of schedule it would seem. The Treo Pro portion of the site was pulled down pretty quickly, but not quickly enough of course. Hit the jump for two full screen captures from Palm’s boo boo along with a little reminder of what this puppy looks like in the wild.