As WiMAX continues to stumble and stammer, people are wondering if the once-exciting prospect of WiMAX in the US is simply a pipe dream. This wouldn’t be the first time a group of competitors rallied together and bribed convinced the FCC to impede progress. With the future of WiMAX up in the air, the struggling Sprint is realizing that it will have to look elsewhere to juice up its data offering for the time being. Finding new ways to leverage that EVDO Rev. A network of theirs is indeed going to be key and making its Phone-as-Modem (PAM) plan a bit more accessible is a fine start. While nothing has been confirmed yet, rumor has it that the new price point in the near future will be a very reasonable $15 / month, down from the current $40 / month. Of course some of us use our handsets as wireless 3G modems without paying an extra cent, but for those unaware of that possibility $15 per month isn’t half bad – especially if the $15 service addition might replace a pricey USB modem or laptop card.