S60 users: If you happen to see developer Michael Coffey walking down the street, stop him and buy him a drink. For years now, Symbian smartphone users have wondered why they couldn’t feel the Last.fm love. Windows mobile has a streaming client, the iPhone had MobileScrobbler (and now an official Last.fm app) within a few months of its release… What about S60?! Well it’s about time you stop your crying and head over to Mobbler’s Google Code page because this last update was a doozy. That’s right people, Last.fm station streaming is now supported! Artist, tag, recommended and even the loved station for subscribers can be streamed right to your handset. No, it’s not the most beautiful UI in the world but it gets the job done and it does it well. There is still some functionality to be added such as the ability to love / ban as you listen but this is going to do more than enough to tide over the angry mob of Last.fm users who have been waiting to listen on the go with their S60 handsets. Good show Coffey, good show.

[Via adonismobile]