Hot off the press in China, a few pictures are currently working their way west that supposedly depict what will eventually be a new PlayStation Portable. There hasn’t been a huge amount of information about Sony’s upcoming third generation PSP, but these pics are actually pretty telling. Apart from the fact that the unit pictured is silver and pretty damn sexy, the top picture is of particular interest. To the left of the volume buttons is a restyled home button with the PlayStation logo on it. More interesting however, is what appears to be a built in microphone opening to the right of the volume buttons. Skype calls? Yes please. In-game audio chat? Sounds like a plan. The PSP 3000 case is also reportedly a bit thinner than the current model and includes some more restyled controls beyond the home key. According to the original source of the pics, Sony already has the new PSP in production and is shooting for a holiday release this year. Sony hasn’t commented yet and we’re pretty sure it won’t respond to leak-related inquiries. All the same, if we are looking at a holiday release then an official announcement should be coming up pretty soon.

[Via Electronista]