Of course it was only a matter of time before Jobs sicked the hounds on the small and storied Florida company Psystar. Sure, you’ve read plenty about them and a select few of you may have even worked up the, err, moxie to order up one of their “Open Computers”. The idea behind the company is relatively simple: Sell cheap computers. What set Psystar apart, aside form the initial sketchiness, is the fact that they brazenly advertise the fact that they will ship your Open Computer complete with Apple’s OS X Leopard preinstalled. Sure it sounds cool, a well-equipped computer packing Leopard for as little as $555, but there’s one tiny problem… It’s probably against the law. Apple filed suit against Psystar on July 3rd of this year and alleged that Psystar violated its shrink wrap license policy. More importantly, Apple’s suit also alleged trademark and copyright infringement. Ouch. If Psystar’s game plan was to get while the gettin’ was good, make a quick buck and then high-tail it out of town, game on. If the small company plans to fight Apple on this however, we have a feeling a world of hurt is coming Psystar’s way.