Wouldn’t it have been nice if this job listing was up, say, nine months ago or so? An eagle-eyed reader has just spotted an interesting entry in the jobs section of the Apple website. Titled “Lead Camera Design Engineer – iPhone,” the position calls for a new head hancho for the iPhone camera design team. From the listing:

Duties include research into both current and future camera technologies, evaluation of proposed solutions, executive presentation of current and future options, working with suppliers to customize modules, working with both product design and electrical engineering to physically and electrically integrate the parts, tuning the solution for optimal image quality, and design of production line testing setups.

We sincerely hope this doesn’t mean that we can expect the same terrible camera quality in the upcoming 3G iPhone as we had to deal with in the first version. It doesn’t bode well though. Looks like we’re waiting until Spring or Summer of 2009 before we see an iPhone with a decent camera; assuming Apple finds a good man for the job.