Disqus and Seesmic are two very different companies offering two very different services. The former, Disqus, is a blog comment management system that can integrate with a wide range of blog-types to provided enhanced commenting and comment management features. The latter, Seesmic, is a video conversation service where users post videos and community members react to them by recording videos of their own. Each service is unique in it’s own right and each provides value to those utilizing it. Now, the two have combined to offer a very unique product, but one we’re not certain anyone needs. That service; video commenting. The service integrates seamlessly into the existing Disqus commenting mechanism and video comments sit in line with standard text comments. A select few blogs already making use of Disqus / Seesmic video comments and initial reactions seem to be a bit mixed. On the one hand, video allows for a much more expressive and instant interaction but on the other hand it can certainly disrupt the flow of a comment stream. What do you think, does reader-generated video have any place beneath a blog post?