Whether or not you’ve moved on to bigger and better things, any FPS fan has to pay some respect to the Quake franchise. First person shooters are as popular now as they ever have been and id Software is preparing to take its popular FPS series to the next level. Quake Live, in case you haven’t heard, is the forthcoming online port of Quake III. The online multiplayer will be entirely free and ad-supported thanks to IGA Worldwide who has been contracted to manage and serve ads in the Quake Live UI. The go-live date has not yet been determined but anxious fans are in luck. id Software is accepting email addresses for beta tester spots. No word on how many beta applicants will be accepted or how soon the private beta will begin, but for many the beta can’t launch soon enough. As a side note, the fact that id Software is hiring is now plastered all over its homepage. If you’re a game developer head on over and play hardball because id seems kind of desperate!

[Via joystiq]