Bluetooth, who needs it? The future of wireless communications between portable devices is here and exciting is an understatement. NFC, or Near Field Communication, has been discussed at length this week as Nokia announced the upcoming 6212 Classic handset. Available Q3 of this year, the 6212 will be Nokia’s first production handset to be equipped with NFC. Unlike bluetooth and infrared, NFC is a secure wireless communication technology that is available instantly amongst equipped handsets. No pairing either; simply tap two devices together and let the data exchange begin. Too cool. Parrot’s upcoming speakers will allow owners to simply tap any NFC-touting audio source (like the 6212) against it to initiate a connection. Then let the music streaming begin. The speakers are lightweight, pack 6W and run for about 2.5 hours using NFC on a full charge. For those who aren’t early adopters, there is also a wired connection available for MP3 players and the like. Parrot’s virgin NFC offering should start shipping this summer with a price tag around $150.