…Or at least all of the VoIP and mobile calling in the world. In a pretty big move this past week, Truphone has announced an agreement is now in place that will result in the acquisition of SIM4travel through an asset purchase agreement. Truphone will take over all of SIM4travel’s business operations, customers and network infrastructure. Why is this significant to us? It’s actually quite an interesting move on part of the UK-based VoIP provider, and soon we’ll no longer be able to refer to them as just a VoIP provider. Truphone CEO James Tagg:

"This completes Truphone’s GSM core network, allowing us to offer global mobile operator services. We’re already enabling customers to make low-cost Wi-Fi calls and soon we’ll be able to provide the added convenience of low-cost GSM calls too, all on a single, worldwide, Truphone SIM."

There you have it. A true marriage of technologies that are made for each other. SIM4travel’s Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform will, in theory, provide a single-SIM solution that would allow Truphone customers to make low-cost GSM calls from anywhere in the world. Of course Truphone’s existing VoIP and MoIP services are already globally accessible. These guys seem to have some pretty big plans and it will be interesting to see how they unfold.