This is getting a little bit ridiculous, folks. We here at BGR have trouble putting our Blackberries down. Seriously. It’s a problem. That said, we’re getting a little bit frustrated with RIM following the 3rd service interruption in 9 months, and the second in a week. It’s poor form. Following the notorious blackout last year, RIM promised that it would never happen again. Hollow promises, as around 80% of all Berry devices in the continental US have been affected by a service outage that began around 3 am this morning. No carrier has been spared, with reports of crippled devices from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Nextel, and Sprint. It seems that some users are finally getting back up online, but there’s been no official word from RIM regarding a projected time of resolution. Forgive us, but we’re beginning to question the reliability of our beloved BlackBerries. So sad, they’ve turned into Sidekicks.