The Shadow is a fine handset, but we think T-Mobile might be pushing it a little here with the "Official Phone of Fun" tagline. They’re upping the "fun" quotient with a new system update that provides some new functionality to the HTC-sourced device. The new software allows users to send "audio postcards", which are essentially MMS messages with short audio notes attached, to any of your 5 MyFaves contacts. A number of functional improvements and bug fixes have been made as well. These include the ability to hang up calls when shutting the slider mechanism, a fix for the "multiple alarm issue" that has plagued WM devices for years, new camera themes, new ringtones/wallpapers/graphics, and the ability to display the camera application in portrait mode. Phew! Nothing crazy here, but there are enough functional enhancements that we think it’s probably worth your time to make the jump.