So it seems that there has been some confusion about the QWERTY Nseries scoop we posted yesterday. To clarify, the device we’re talking about here is not the E71. There are no known live pics of this device as of now, but trust that we’ll get our hands on them as soon as there are. The handset we’re talking about is an Nseries, it’s a beast, and it’s scheduled to come in the second half of the year. Its specs blow the E71 out of the water and it is reported to look quite different. A recap of what we know: Nseries, QWERTY, candy bar form, S60 3rd FP2, 5 or 6-megapixel cam, 30 fps video recording and integrated GPS. One thing we didn’t mention in the original post that has been brought to our attention; this upcoming handset is likely to be the first high-end S60 device from Nokia to have its NAM variant released before or at the same time as the Euro-spec model! That’s right, the US HSDPA-compatible version should reach the market right away. Why is that significant to the US? To trigger-happy fanboys, it means that they won’t have to shell out the cash for the Euro-spec, only to shell out more cash a few months later. To the rest of us it means that Nokia finally seems to be putting the next level of effort into the US market. We all know that Symbian already dominates the global smartphone market by a landslide so it’s clear that Nokia knows how to market and sell. It will be interesting to see if their upcoming handset lineup and US marketing plans can combine to help them see a level of success in the US that is anywhere close to their global share.