It seems that the world will have to wait just a bit longer for AMD’s new highly energy efficient processor. The company began shipping its new Barcelona chip in September, but has been forced to recall them and halt most shipments due to technical and manufacturing irregularities. It seems that a high percentage of the chips were manufactured with a defect that could cause them to fail completely. Not good, dudes. AMD hasn’t completely stopped shipments, electing to continue to sell them to select customers with an increased level of quality control. As they work on a fix to allow them to resume mass shipments, AMD has developed a workaround that should allow anyone that already received a Barcelona-based device to use it. A nice consolation, we suppose, but it won’t erase the problem. There’s no official word on just when we can expect the company to resume full-scale shipments, but in the mean time AMD might feel a bit more heat from Intel.