This could get ugly, folks. A German court has ordered T-Mobile Germany to sell the newly released European iPhone free from the shackles of the current mandatory 2-year service contract. This could create serious problems for T-Mobile, who has presumably shelled out some serious coin for the honor of being the exclusive German carrier of Apple’s “Jesus Phone.” The court has issued a temporary injunction against iPhone sales, effectively halting German access to the handset. Not tight for consumers who have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the device. Not surprisingly, the injunction comes as a result of a complaint filed by rival carrier Vodafone. Though they’re clearly motivated by fear, Vodafone made the move under the guise of a desire to keep Germany’s cell market free from locked handsets and further contract restriction, which is a cause we can wholeheartedly support. No word yet from Apple or T-Mobile Germany. The other twist to this article, however, is another piece from the Financial Times who said this won’t “disrupt sales for the Christmas season. Stay tuned, folks.