We knew that Apple was pulling in a healthy sum of money from AT&T on every iPhone activation, we weren’t sure just how much they were making…until now. The New York Times has executed an in depth analysis of Apple’s recent financial statement, and have come to a couple of conclusions about AT&T’s financial relationship with Apple. According to the NY Times, AT&T may be paying Apple as much as $18 a month for each iPhone currently running on its network. Take that, RIM! This amounts to $432 over the course of a 2-year contract, which is a pretty sizeable payout. Combined with the $399 price tag of the 8 GB iPhone itself, this gives Apple a total of $831 for each iPhone that leaves its shelves. This, of course, doesn’t account for any manufacturing costs or incidentals, but it still provides a pretty interesting window into Apple’s iPhone finances if it all pans out to be accurate.