Video game companies aren’t usually known for their acts of social good, especially when it comes to improving the health and physical facilities of gamers. Then again, Nintendo has been bucking trends recently, especially i regards to making video games a more physically demanding activity. Continuing this trend, the company has just released a new game called Flash Focus. The game, currently available exclusively on the Nintendo DS handheld system, incorporates a number of well known exercises and training practices used by professional athletes to improve their hand-eye coordination, all wrapped in the shell of a marginally enjoyable video game. Halo 3 this is not, but it does present a fun way to improve peripheral vision, vision acuity, and more. This will not only help gamers with their Madden ’08 skills, but should also translate into real life gains on the field, court, ring, or trampoline. The game is available today. Any takers?