Today is a big day for our friends up North. Canadian telecommunications company TELUS has announced not one, but two brand new HTC devices for use on their mobile network. First up the HTC Touch, This is the same phone that we all know, and today’s announcement marks the first official arrival of the device on North American soil. Sporting Ev-DO connectivity, this hanseat comes complete with HTC’s TouchFLO interface, which is a pleasant shell for the Windows Mobile 6 OS. Next up is the HTC S640, which is like of hybrid between the Motorola Q9 and the new Palm Centro. Not the most attractive device, but new phones are always good, right? Plus it’s always nice when we get a heads up, too! Both devices will retail for $149.99 with a 3 year contract, $399.99 with a 2 year stint, $449.99 for 1 year, and $499 outright.

Thanks, Jean-Phillippe!