If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of around here, it’s iPhones / BlackBerrys / HTC Handsets gigantic LCD TVs. Thanks to Toshiba, we just got our fix for the day. They had a couple of their high-end Regza screens on display here at Digital Life, and the stunning TVs didn’t disappoint. Sporting full HD (1080p), a High 10-bit LCD panel, 3 HDMI inputs, a PC input, and a number of proprietary Toshiba imaging technologies, this thing doesn’t play around. It’s available in 56″, 52″, and 42″ screen sizes, with the 56-er on display here, and while we for some reason have reservations about Toshiba products, we’ll let this one slide. Check out the jump for more pics of this bad boy, and don’t run anyone over rushing down to Best Buy to buy one!