Thanks to those oh-so-revealing-yet-sometimes-not-completely-spot-on AT&T rebate forms, we have more confirmation on some upcoming devices. This rebate form is good for phones purchased between September 16th, through November 3rd. First off, is the BlackBerry Curve 8310. Yes, the one with GPS. We’ve got a feeling AT&T is going to pull a BlackBerry 8820 with that one and put the current BlackBerry Curve on EOL as soon as the BlackBerry 8310 launches. In addition, we’ve got another confirmation of the AT&T Tilt, along with an AT&T Tilt with no camera for you business folks. The SMT5700 is rumored to launch at a super low price point and that will also be available in a no camera flavor. Everything else is mostly gravy, including the Motorola Q9 Global, Pantech Duo, and BlackBerry 8820. Thank you AT&T, for giving us something to look forward to. Feel free to send some of that Christmas love our ways, OK? Full rebate after the jump!

Thanks, themobilerabbi!