Image courtesy of Engadget

Want an iPhone with no phone? The iPod Touch is here! This friggin’ thing looks exactly like an iPhone, too. In addition to the new iPod Nano, iPod Classic, and new iPod Shuffles, Steve went out and wowed us with a much-awaited touch screen iPod. One small minor thing…it has WiFi! They even have included Safari and YouTube! There’s an 8GB model for $299, and a 16GB model for $399. All flash memory, of course. What’s even bigger here, you ask? Well, that would be the wireless iTunes Music Store! It contains 4 buttons which are: featured, top tens, downloads, and search. You get a free preview of the song, just tap it to buy it and download it. You can listen to it on the iPod, and the newly purchased song will automatically sync with you iTunes on your computer! Huzzah!

UPDATE: “It’s going to come later this month with a free iPhone update — everyone with an iPhone is going to get this too. We’re really, really excited about this.”