Forgive us, Sprint, as we have maligned you without cause. The American CDMA carrier is set to receive one of the most talked about Windows Mobile devices of the year. Revealed during Sprint’s annual day-long technology summit, the drop hasn’t been made official yet, but it was revealed to a number of employees, execs, and other attendees. The naming convention is a bit weird, as HTC’s technical designation for the CDMA version of the Touch is the HTC Vogue. That said, Sprint has decided to re-brand the Vogue as the Sprint Touch. Full circle, we suppose. Names aside, this is essentially the same device we’ve been hearing about for a while now. 400 MHz processor, EV-DO connectivity upgradeable to Rev. A., and HTC’s TouchFLO interface. It will also have a GPSone chip, compatible with TeleNav. Ah, yes, the good ole’ TeleNav. No word on drop date, but we expect this to be part of Sprint’s attempt to counteract the iPhone flood. Anyone think they’re going to have to try a wee bit harder…?