This is purely rumor status for the time being, but GameSpot UK seems to think there’s some truth in here. Sony’s head of New Zealand’s gaming division (say that one three times fast), Warwick Light,  made some statements the other day hailing the almighty PS3 as being a “future proof” device (though he failed to address concerns that, according to sales numbers, the device may very well be “now proof” as well). Standard corporate posturing aside, Light made some interesting statements about future PS3 revisions. The gem of the bunch? “Sony hopes to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder.” There ya go. There’s no further word or confirmation on specifics, but we can at least confirm that discussions about DVR capabilities are in the pipeline. Whether or not this move would boost sales is anyones guess, but it certainly can’t hurt things.

[Via Crave]