Some clever developers have figured out a way to tether your iPhone to your OS X-equipped computer. Granted, you’ll be limited to the ultra slow EDGE network, possibly violate AT&T’s Terms of Service, not to mention that you’ll be installing a piece of homebrewed software on to your $500-600 device. If you’re still game, read on. Nate True, the brilliant mind that brought the remote desktop to your iPhone, seems to have done it a again. Through a series of steps that are outlined clearly on his site, he’s made it possible for iPhone users to utilize their phone’s internet connection by way of the wired cable connection. It’s not for the faint of heart, as the process demands a certain level of technical proficiency, but if you’re not scared off by a wee bit of internal fiddling, it’s certainly worth a shot. That being said, don’t say we didn’t warn ya’, so don’t come running our way if your slick phone turns into a slick brick.