We’re not quite there yet, but a significant milestone has been passed along the road towards a fully unlocked iPhone. The phone has been hacked by the good people over at iPhone Dev Wiki to allow the use of any AT&T SIM card, including Go Phone accounts. This partial unlocking process involves a Mac, a lot of patience, and a newly written program called iASign. This is a positive step for a number of reasons. Users are now free to drop their existing sim cards into the new phone, potentially avoiding the up-until-now mandatory 2 year contract re-up. It also allows for use on a Go Phone account without actually failing a credit check. Keep in mind that if you actually go ahead and add an iPhone data plan to your account, you might end up with that pesky 2 year extension, but we’re not sure if this is the case. Could we see an unlocked iPhone in the near future? We sure hope so…the streets are waiting!