This could be the first time in the history of the wireless industry that the United States has served as the testing ground for something that actually gets exported to another region of the world. T-Mobile, purveyor of budget wireless service and meager device selection in the US, has decided  to export their MyFaves service to the Fatherland. For those that don’t know, MyFaves gives T-Mobile customers unlimited calling and messaging to any 5 numbers, including land lines and other carriers. It’s a niche service, useful to those that place the majority of their calls to 5 people or less. The service functions on compatible MyFaves handsets that feature a specialized software interface. The service will be re-dubbed as myFavesSM, and should launch in Germany by the end of August. Enjoy, our European friends, and don’t forget this favor the next time you think about keeping that hot new handset to your European selves.


UPDATE: As a couple of our faithful readers have pointed out, MyFaves does not, in fact, include unlimited messaging. Thanks guys!