These times of technological progress and innovation are good fun, but what about those of us that like to pay thousands of dollars for high-end devices? Always the faithful companion, Vertu has upgraded one of their most popular models with a fantastic design and feature set. The most recent addition to Vertu’s luxury line comes in the form of another leather clad phone. Cleverly dubbed the Ascent Ti, it makes countless improvements over the much out-dated Signature series, previous Ascent series, and even the latest Constellation models. The Symbian-sourced S40 OS runs atop a 3 megapixel camera, UMTS support, and a brown shade of rich cow hide. The 3 megapixel shooter is a welcome addition, along with UMTS. One notably inclusion on the Ascent Ti we’ve not seen previously reported, is 4GB of internal memory which Vertu assures us can store “thousands of photos”. We are so gonna’ be in line. Tourneau, call me!


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