It seems like AT&T may have underestimated the sheer volume of iPhone activation requests that they were going to have to process following Friday’s product launch. There have been a number of independent accounts of significant delays between plugging your iPhone into iTunes, and actually being able to use your new Jesus Phone. Some users are reporting delays of up to 12 hours for handset activation. As I’m sure you can all attest, there’s nothing worse than ripping the packaging off of a brand new gadget, only to find that you can’t use it immediately for one reason or another…come on, AT&T. We want our fix, and we want it now!

UPDATE: BG let me know that a lot of users having activations issues are either old AT&T legacy subscribers (people who never left “Blue” to convert to “Orange”), and new customers. For the most part, as far as we can tell, existing customers are getting in while the gettin’ is good!


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