Most of the important stuff has finally come to light. Namely, the release date, said to be July 1st. Yep, that’s right! Except the July 1st launch date is for businesses, direct ship, and web sales only. Everyone else will have to wait till July 15th to get their international BlackBerry fix. The other big thing we noticed was that, while there’s mention of an "all-encompassing" data plan (meaning local and international), no one has indicated that there will be a North America-only version. The All-World data plan is said to be priced out at $69.99 a month. No word yet on handset pricing, but it’s assumed that the handheld will be priced similarly to its other variants from Verizon, etc.

UPDATE: Handset pricing will be as follows: $549.99 full SRP, with a 2 year rebate of $150, a point of sale rebate for $100, and a mail in rebate for $100. That makes the BlackBerry 8830 on Sprint just $199 with 2 year agreement! Check out the full internal document after the jump!