A lesson learned the hard way by a Michigan resident. Sam Peterson was recently arrested in Sparta, Michigan for accessing an unsecured Wi-Fi connection without permission. The wireless connection belonged to a coffee shop that offered free wireless internet for its customers. The problem here? Peterson never entered the store. A neighboring shop owner called the 5-0 after noticing Peterson pull up in his car in front of the shop on a daily basis. The cops, realizing that he was stealing precious internet, contacted the district prosecutor, who then charged Mr. Peterson with a felony, carrying up to 5 years in prison along with it. What the hell? Peterson, who had no prior criminal record, plead out to a $400 fine, 40 hours of community service, and 6 months probation, but is this really a productive use of our legal system? No, it’s not. If you’re in the habit of “innocently” stealing a bit of wireless here and there, perhaps you should think twice the next time you go to sniff out an unsecured network.