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This is what it looks like inside Hurricane Irma

Most people — normal, not insane people — will do everything in their power to avoid ending up inside a hurricane. For the brave scientists forecasting hurricanes, things are far less simple, and >>

Massive ‘dragon boogers’ wash ashore in Canada

It’s not every day that a strange blob of seemingly otherworldly goo washes up on a Canadian lake, but when it does you can be sure it’ll make headlines. In Canada — which >>

Alien hunters get great news about nearby exoplanets

If you’ve been remaining hopeful that humanity will find evidence of extraterrestrial life within your lifetime, scientists at the Geneva Observatory have some extremely good news. A study of the nearby TRAPPIST-1 planetary >>

Stop blaming the Sun for global warming

The Earth is getting warmer and warmer, and scientists are now essentially unanimous in their opinion that humans are to blame, but could other factors also be contributing? A new study looked closely >>