This is most likely a Galaxy Note 7 recall problem Samsung didn’t see coming: being accused of discrimination by the Chinese state TV. The influential broadcaster believes that Samsung mishandled the Galaxy Note 7 recall in the region. The comments were posted on CCTV’s website on Thursday, with the piece saying that Samsung’s September 2nd recall was “full of arrogance.”

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The remarks follow a slew of Galaxy Note 7 explosions in the region. The problem with these accidents is that safe phablets caught on fire. Samsung minimized the issue and said the Galaxy Note 7 that exploded did not go up in flames because of the battery. However, exploding devices don’t do Samsung any favors, especially if safe devices malfunction.

Samsung never recalled the Galaxy Note 7 units in China, aside from over 1,800 early production test units, because all Chinese models were equipped with safe batteries.

That didn’t matter to CCTV, which said that the recall represents “discrimination” against China consumers. The station pointed out that Samsung issued a video apology to US buyers, and offered various replacement options and compensations. That was in stark contrast to Samsung’s treatment of Chinese buyers, where the company posted a statement online where it said that most phones did not need to be replaced.

“Samsung’s discriminatory policy has caused discontent from Chinese consumers,” CCTV said, according to Reuters.

Samsung is struggling in China, and these comments will certainly not help it gain any trust from buyers. The company was once the number one phone vendor in China but dropped out of the top 5 last year.

Samsung did not issue a response to CCTV’s inflammatory remarks.

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