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Where's WiMAX?

With rumors of a Sprint-bound tri-mode CDMA/WiFi/WiMAX handset gaining traction, we thought it might be a good time to talk about what is as opposed to what could be. Sure, a tri-mode handset >>

Samsung shares details on possible WiMAX device/tablet

WiMax is still around and kickin’, believe it or not, and Clear (formerly Clearwire, formerly Xohm) is planning to expand its networks soon. As such, it only makes sense that manufacturers are gearing >>

Nokia N810 WiMAX edition is now in the hands of the people

After months of waiting, the Nokia N810 WiMAX edition went live on Nokia’s online storefront this week. No longer “Available Soon” the WiMAX version of the popular Internet Tablet is now “In Stock” >>