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RadioShack to lose over 400 Sams Club kiosks

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made this past Friday, RadioShack stated that it will be losing more than 400 kiosks located in Sam’s Club stores across the country. The closures will >>

Rumor: HTC EVO 4G launches June 6th for $200

This one would be best accompanied by a margarita thats glass is heavily laced with salt, but rumor has it the Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be available on or around June 6th >>

HTC EVO 4G up for pre-order later this month

It seems as though this image was sent to every blog on the internet, so we thought…why not throw our watermark on it too? It looks like the HTC EVO 4G — exclusively >>

RadioShack to rebrand as The Shack?

Engadget reported a little while ago that RadioShack stores would be going through a name change — from RadioShack to simply The Shack. Apparently RadioShack corporate won’t change their name but in an >>