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Arrested Development Season 5

Arrested Development Season 5 is official: 17 new episodes coming

April 7th, 2015

Arrested Development fans have a lot to be grateful for this year. While appearing on Bill Simmons’ The B.S. Report this week, Arrested Development executive producer Brian Grazer confirmed that Season 5 of the beloved and quirky show is official, with 17 new episodes in the pipeline. While talking about popular TV shows and their …

Apple TV Streaming

How Apple plans to bankroll its rumored game-changing TV streaming service

April 2nd, 2015

Amid reports that Apple is planning to roll out a $30-$40 TV streaming service this fall, Re/Code reports that Apple is hoping that TV networks will handle the infrastructure costs involved in rolling out such an endeavor. What this means, in a nutshell, is that Apple doesn’t want to actually serve the streams from its own servers, but …

Apple Comcast TV

The real reason Apple’s TV streaming service might not include NBC

March 30th, 2015

According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to roll out its own TV streaming service later this fall in a bold attempt to take control of the living room. The rumored TV service will reportedly offer users about 25 channels and will cost about $30-$40 a month. Some of the big …

Netflix Movies

How Netflix creates addicting and binge-worthy TV

March 24th, 2015

Netflix arguably ushered in the phrase “binge watching”, a term which refers to when one plops down and watches a few episodes of a TV show in quick succession. And given the unprecedented level of TV quality these days, it’s not unheard of for fans to binge watch entire seasons of certain shows over the course …

Cable TV Decline

The fall of cable is coming

March 24th, 2015

Cable is amazing. For as much as people justifiably rag on cable providers, the actual content and breadth of channels is absolutely mesmerizing. When you toss DVR and on-demand functionality into the mix, there’s really never been a better time to be a TV and movie fan. But cable is expensive, and cable providers, like …

Apple poised to enrage cable companies with new ad-blocking tech

August 22nd, 2012

In a move that is sure to strike fear into broadcasters and advertisers everywhere, Apple (AAPL) is apparently working on technology that would automatically shut off broadcast advertisements in favor of preloaded content. AppleInsider reports that a new Apple patent covers a system of “seamless switching between radio and local media” that will let mobile devices …

Samsung to showcase flagship OLED HDTV at IFA in August

April 13th, 2012

Samsung confirmed on Friday that its 55-inch OLED HDTV will be shown at Berlin’s IFA trade show in late August, according to a report from SlashGear. At the event, the manufacturer will announce the TV’s official launch details alongside a new, premium range of HDTVs. Samsung describes the new televisions as even “more premium” than its …

Over 1 million U.S. cable subscribers cut the cord in 2011

April 4th, 2012

More than 1 million cable television subscribers in the United States canceled their service in 2011, opting instead for online films and TV shows available through services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Nearly 2.65 million cable or satellite TV subscribers have canceled their service since 2008 to rely solely on Web-based services according to estimates from …