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    This classy bathroom upgrade went mega-viral on TikTok – Amazon has it for $15

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    Amazon’s early Prime Day Roomba deals are so good, they’re starting to sell out

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    10 incredible early Prime Day deals that are about to end at Amazon

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    5 best Amazon Prime Day deals you can already get today

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    This $600 home theater projector down to $240 today at Amazon, and we can’t believe it


Windows 10: Spartan for Phones

Watch: This is Spartan… on Windows 10 phones

April 3rd, 2015

One of the most important Windows 10 features is Microsoft brand-new Internet browser that’s currently known as Project Spartan. The browser is already available to Windows 10 Insiders running the latest Technical Preview release version, and it looks like Windows phone users will also receive it in the near future, as some lucky testers are …

Windows 10 Project Spartan Download

You can finally test Windows 10’s most exciting new feature: Project Spartan browser

March 31st, 2015

Instead of simply upgrading Internet Explorer and changing the user’s perception about Microsoft’s old Internet browser, the company is taking a new approach to Internet browsing with Windows 10. Called Project Spartan for the time being, the new browser will be available on all devices that can run Windows 10 and coexist with Internet Explorer, the company confirmed in …

Windows 10: Project Spartan for Phone

This is our first look at one of the main Windows 10 features for phones

March 27th, 2015

Microsoft’s Windows 10 update is coming to both desktop and mobile devices later this year, with the former’s features having been thoroughly demoed so far. However, Microsoft is yet to show off Windows 10 for smartphones, even though the company has already started talking about the Windows 10 update for mobile devices, offering previews at …

Windows 10: Project Spartan vs. Internet Explorer 11

This is the Windows 10 news you’ve been waiting to hear

March 25th, 2015

Microsoft is slowly sharing more exciting news about its upcoming major operating system update, and the company on Tuesday made one more revelation about Windows 10 which will surely please many Windows users, especially older fans who have by now experienced many OS versions.

Windows 10 Download Build 10041

New Windows 10 beta version has more Cortana, but still no Spartan

March 19th, 2015

After teasing a few days ago that it’ll roll out faster updates to Windows 10 Insiders who want faster access to the newest features even if buggy, Microsoft on Wednesday released build 10041 of the upcoming operating system, which brings several improvements and features, but also includes some issues and inconsistencies that are yet to be ironed …

Microsoft Windows 10 Spartan Browser Leak

Microsoft’s Spartan browser for Windows 10 leaks again

January 9th, 2015

Microsoft’s might not be present at CES anymore, but the company certainly made headlines this week during the Las Vegas-based event thanks to the Spartan leaks that popped online. According to many reports, Spartan is the internal codename of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 Internet browser, which is supposed to offer a different experience than Internet …

Microsoft Spartan Internet Browser

Exclusive: First look at Microsoft’s brand new ‘Spartan’ project for Windows 10

January 6th, 2015

A few days ago, a report revealed that Microsoft is secretly developing a special new web browser for Windows 10 dubbed Spartan. The company is looking to offer users a different Internet surfing experience from Internet Explorer, though it’s not clear whether Microsoft will unveil the new program at its Windows event scheduled January 21st. However, since …