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Handsets News, page 5

8MP shootout: LG KC910 Renoir vs. the Samsung Pixon M8800

Want an 8MP shooter but cant decide which one?  With four sweet phones currently filling this category we feel your pain. The folks over at “Mobile@Mail.Ru” also understand your dilemma and have done >>

The affordable LG KP500 is codenamed “Cookie”

We guessed it would come with a cute nickname and boy we were right. The entry-level LG KP500 has been given the codename LG Cookie. Yes, that’s right, you may now refer to >>

Nokia to announce a new handset on October 13?

Tied to an interesting new viral campaign, Nokia may be announcing another new handset in less than two days. According to Nokia’s new “My Phone Knows Everything About Me” site, something is getting >>

Confirmed: No HTC Touch HD love for the US

It looks like US all of the commotion caused by the Android-powered HTC G1 made HTC completely forget about releasing the company’s sexy Touch HD here in the US. According to an HTC >>

Samsung Pixon M8800 digital camera also features a phone

Everyone and their grandmother rocks a camera phone these days. We’ve finally reached a point where even the cheapest of cheap entry-level handsets is at least packing a 1.3 megapixel shooter, allowing user >>

Nokia E72 May Be Coming Sooner than we Think; As E63

Well lookie what we have here. The leak of a promotional video containing two upcoming Nokia Eseries handsets, at the time labeled E72 and E75, has spawned some digging around a few of >>