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AT&T may start throttling data speeds in October

AT&T will begin to throttle data speeds during the first week of October, 9to5 Mac reported on Thursday. The carrier could move to throttle the data speeds of its biggest data users in >>

T-Mobile to throttle speeds of heavy data users

Recently, T-Mobile released a statement detailing how it would handle customers who utilize more than 5 GB of data per month on their mobile devices. The statement reads: Beginning on October 16, T-Mobile >>

T-Mobile sued over capped "unlimited" data plan

A California smartphone user has filed a class-action lawsuit against his wireless provider, T-Mobile USA. The plaintiff became upset and sought legal council after T-Mobile sent him the following message: Your data usage in this >>

Comcast 250 GB Cap Coming on October 1st

Directly inline with rumors that made their way around the web a few months ago, Comcast has confirmed that it will employ a residential consumer bandwidth cap beginning October 1st of this year. >>