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Scientist claims he has evidence we live in a simulation

Published Apr 28th, 2024 3:12PM EDT
we live in a simulation, computer simulation of cars and smart tech in city
Image: Choi_ Nikolai / Adobe

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We live in a simulation. It might sound crazy, yet some of the brightest minds in the scientific community have long been consumed by the idea that everything around us is, in fact, just a computer simulation akin to what we saw in 1999’s The Matrix, though without all the cool action scenes and heart-stopping battles against the machines.

The latest surfacing of this idea comes from scientist Melvin Vopson. Vopson previously formulated what he calls the “Second Law of Infodynamics.” This “law” builds off the fact that the Second Law of Thermodynamics governs how entropy increases or stays the same but will never decrease. Vopson says that the entropy in information systems should be the same.

But it isn’t. In fact, entropy in information systems typically remains constant or even decreases to a minimum value. Because of this, Vopson created the Second Law of Information Dynamics, stating that his “fifth state of matter” has to exist in order to balance how the universe is expanding without losing or gaining heat. That fact, Vopson says, requires the total entropy in the universe to remain constant, and that could prove that we live in a simulation.

Film poster for The Matrix Resurrections
Is our reality just a simulation like The Matrix? Some scientists think so. Image source: Warner Bros.

Vopson argues that this law also plays a role in electron arrangement, as well as cosmology and biological systems. And he’s using it as a building block to try to prove that we live in a simulation. To help prove that, Vopson says he has evidence, which he found by studying COVID-19, the virus that locked down much of the world in early 2020.

The evidence all comes down to mutations. Charles Darwin, one of the leading scientists who helped push evolution, believed that mutations occurred randomly. However, Vopson says that mutations occur to help balance information entropy. To prove this, he looked at Covid-19 and its mutations and found a “unique correlation between the information and the dynamics of the genetic mutations.”

This, Vopson says, all adds up to possible opportunities to prove that we live in a simulation using his Second Law of Info dynamics. Of course, all these claims require a lot of testing and verification before they can even be considered seriously. But, it does raise some questions and provide more fuel to the fire that many have been stoking since Plato first questioned our reality.

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