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huntsman spiders hunt in packs in australia

Scientists learned how spiders build webs using night vision and A.I.

April 9th, 2022

Spiders can be exceptionally intriguing creatures. Whether we’re talking about megaspiders that give you nightmares, or spiders that hunt in choreographed packs, these (sometimes) tiny creatures can be spectacular. Now, researchers with John Hopkins University may have unraveled one of the biggest mysteries surrounding spiders. The researchers say they were able to use night vision …

falcon 9 spacex reusable rocket booster

Watch Axiom 1 take four people to space in the first private ISS flight

April 8th, 2022

We’ve reached a momentous occasion in the journey to commercial space travel. Today, Axiom Space and SpaceX launched Axiom 1, the first private ISS flight. The flight, which includes the world’s first all-private astronaut team, took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center this morning around 11:17 AM EDT. It’s a historic moment for space travel, …

earthworm in fresh wet soil,

Snake-like jumping worms are invading the US

April 5th, 2022

Worms are interesting creatures. Some worms can even regrow their brains if needed. But, an invasive jumping worm has started appearing in more than a dozen states throughout the Midwest. The worms are originally from eastern Asia, and they’ve spread across 15 states so far, according to reports from the Smithsonian Magazine. But why are …