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Obama had ‘no plans’ for a President Trump

Obama Speech

We’re still digesting the outcome of last night’s results, but reactions from world leaders and significant figures are starting to trickle in. Clinton has already taken the stage to officially concede, but one place remains particularly tight-lipped: the White House.

According to Politico, “There is no plan at the White House. They also never thought this could or would happen.” Although Obama has apparently called Trump to congratulate him and schedule a meeting to begin the transition process, there’s been no comment from the administration on the election results so far.

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The silence is almost undoubtedly because Obama is working out what this means, and what he can possibly say He’s previously said that he would view Trump’s election as a personal slap in the face, and a referendum on everything he’s done in the last eight years.

More importantly, Obama will be scrambling to work out what he can do to preserve his policies and limit the damage that President Trump might be able to cause to his policies. With a Republican Congress and a Republican White House, Obamacare will be out the window, quite possibly along with Obama’s moves on international relations and climate. Those are just the start, as Paul Ryan has already said that the first month of the new Congress will be dedicated to repealing Obama policies.

In the Obama camp this morning, though, it all seems to be serious soul-searching. Clinton adviser (and former Obama campaign chief) David Plouffe tweeted that he’s “Never been as wrong on anything on my life.”

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign has also declined to comment, but a little more sharply, saying “We don’t have anything nice to say right now.”

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