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Hotel personnel reveal the industry’s dirtiest secrets

January 13th, 2016 at 2:42 PM
Travel Hotel Industry Secrets

Now that we know some of the biggest secrets of the airline industry as revealed by personnel, it’s time to focus on the hotel industry – after all, you often take an airplane just to then check into a hotel from a well-deserved vacation. However, not all hotel experiences are pleasant, and some of your biggest worries might be true: Yes, the sheets might be dirty, and some employees might be eating some of your fries.

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Looking at secret messages posted on Whisper, Travel and Leisure discovered some of the hotel’s industry dirtiest secrets. Here are some of them, as listed on the site – all of them are anonymous, considering they originate from Whisper.

“I work at a hotel and sometimes when people call to make a reservation I tell them we are booked up because I’m too lazy to make the reservation for them.”

“I work at a hotel. When the guests are rude to me, I put them in the worst room possible.”

“I work at a hotel. If you’re cool at check in, I’ll hook you up (room upgrade, drinks, free breakfast) but if you’re mean you’re getting a room by the elevator with no view.”

“I work at a hotel and when guests annoy me I deactivate their key cards just for the inconvenience.”

“I work at a hotel and deliberately keep the temperature in the lobby freezing to discourage stupid people from hanging around.”

“I work at a hotel. The blankets only get washed once a year.”

“I’m a maid at a hotel and sometimes when I’m lazy, I reuse the sheets on the bed and make them look nice… I always feel bad for the next people … #oops.”

“I work at a hotel and sometimes work room service. We never bring or buy lunch, because we pick off of the plates before they go up.”

“I work at a hotel. Yes, I can hear you having sex.”

Unfortunately, there’s not very much you can do to prevent any of these things from ever happening. But at least you know that some of your worst suspicions are true, and you’re not imagining things. This does show, however, that it pays to be nice to employees at any hotel you visit.

And yes, there are good hotel experiences as well, but such confessions aren’t as frequent:

“I work at a hotel, whenever someone comes in who can’t afford a room, I give it to them for free.”

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