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Video shows woman destroying $200,000 of sculptures while taking a selfie

Published Jul 14th, 2017 11:23PM EDT
selfie accident

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What lengths would you go to snap the perfect selfie? Would you be willing to bend your neck at an awkward angle? Of course you would. What about posing in a public place, with onlookers rolling their eyes? Sure, why not. How about crushing $200,000 worth of fancy sculptures at an art exhibit? For one visitor of LA’s 14th Factory, that answer was apparently a “yes” as well, and although the incident took place a couple of weeks back, we finally have a video showing how it all went down (no pun intended).

The art annihilation unfolded just as you’re probably imagining: Not satisfied with simply snapping a photo or two of the crown-themed sculptures on display, one ambitious woman decided to get low, crouching down to snap a selfie from a more unique angle. Unfortunately, gravity had other ideas, and when she lost her balance and fell backwards, she took and entire row of pedestals with her.

Like a row of dominos, the columns fell, tossing each of the crowns to the ground in a most unfriendly manner. The result was, according to the artists who created the crowns, approximately $200,000 worth of damage. Some of the crowns on display were crafted of gold and marble, which supports the claim.

There’s already been plenty of debate as to whether our gadget-obsessed culture crossed a dangerous line — leading us to be more concerned with the status of our Twitter or Instagram personas than our actual lives — and with stories like this one it’s hard to deny.