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The most annoying things you can possibly post on Facebook

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 10th, 2016 1:44PM EST
Most Annoying Facebook Posts

Facebook can be pretty annoying sometimes. OK, it can be pretty annoying most of the time. Oh look, 743 photos of your friend’s baby, each one barely discernible from the last. And thank goodness your other friend posted to let you know that she enjoyed her Zumba workout. Finally, the post you’ve been waiting for: Your mom just penned a 4,000-word essay on why the person who didn’t clean up after his dog relieved himself on her front lawn is the most evil human being that has ever walked the Earth.

But we are a generation of over-sharing and under-caring, and Facebook is what it is. Of course, if you’d rather be a part of the solution than the problem, we’re here to help.

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UK-based Rantic, which describes itself as a social marketing and public relations firm, knows how annoying Facebook posts can be, but it recently sought to answer a more specific question: what types of Facebook posts are the most annoying to users? And even more specifically, what types of Facebook posts are the most annoying to users in different regions.

To answer these questions, Rantic surveyed more than 10,000 Facebook users across the United States and asked them what kind of Facebook posts they found to be most annoying. Optional answers included personal problems, selfies, political posts, food pictures and baby pictures. Thank goodness no one said anything about dog pictures.

The firm then assembled the results and created the following map, which you can click on to enlarge:

So, if you want to avoid annoying your friends and family, check out the map and don’t post the content that people in your state hate the most. Unless you live in New York or California, in which case there’s no chance that you’ll ever stop complaining so you should probably just come to terms with how annoying you are.

Zach Epstein
Zach Epstein Executive Editor

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